Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire – Why you need one and what to look for!

Wedding days are of course one the most important days of your life and there’s so much to prepare; dress, flowers, suits, food, décor, catering and a wedding chocolate fountain to add an extra touch of glam and tantalise those taste buds on your wedding day.


Wedding reception Chocolate fountains are of course delicious but one thing people don’t realise is that they look tremendous.  It’s a grand living statue that can be used as a centrepiece not just to gather around and mingle but simply just to adore on your wedding day.


When it comes to hiring one though, you may think “how hard can it be”, after all it’s only a wedding chocolate fountain; “chocolate, dips, done”.  As it’s your special wedding day there’s actually a lot to consider when hiring a wedding chocolate fountain.


Chocolate fountain hire

Here’s what we at Cocoa kings fountains provide and what you should look out for when hiring a wedding day chocolate fountain.


Décor: Some fountain hire companies don’t decorate the wedding chocolate fountain and its surroundings.  The fountain always looks great but its environment needs to be complimented as well otherwise it just looks cheap and a bit odd.  Cocoa Kings chocolate fountains take the time find out the wedding theme as well as any special requirements from the bride & groom to ensure that their chocolate fountain hire is perfect for your wedding day.

A stand:
This is a little hidden detail.  Chocolate fountains should come with a stand but not all wedding chocolate fountain hire companies have one.  CocoaKings Wedding fountains come with an illuminated stand in a customised in a colour to match your wedding day.

Sculptures:  Not all fountain hire companies create fruit sculptures.  These are simply beautiful and add further elegance to the occasion.  Cooking’s wedding chocolate fountain hire always provide fruit sculptures for their events.

Chocolate: This is an actually a technical aspect.  The fountain itself needs a certain amount of chocolate to flow but this chocolate also needs to serve all the guests.  Make sure the wedding chocolate fountain your hiring is served with enough chocolate to serve everyone.

Chocolate flavours:
We carry white, milk and dark chocolate as standard but let us know if you want something different and we’ll do our best to get you your favoured chocolate flavour which could be pink, yellow or blue.

Dips: Much like décor you may want something in particular or you may want to use the fountain in a special way.  For example you may want the fountain flowing with the normal dips available for 2 hours and then dips replaced with profiteroles as a DIY dessert for your guests.

Reliability: The most important factor is reliability.  Ensure that your provider will be there on time prior to and after the event to ensure the fountain is setup, running smoothly and packed away without problems.  We’re always on time.  

To get the best chocolate fountain hire for your wedding, get in touch.