About Chocolate fountains

Wedding Chocolate Fountain Hire

Need a chocolate fountain for your wedding reception?  The wedding reception chocolate fountain becomes a beautiful centrepiece in itself, bringing your guests together to share the delights of splendid chocolate with exquisite dips.  It’s a great way to entertain all guests from children to adults. 

We’ll do our very best to work with you and your venue to ensure that the fountain and décor matches your wedding theme.  With a range of splendid dips and chocolate we'll even do our best to compliment your food menu.

We'll provide the fountain itself, a beautiful stand, dips and chocolate along with other essentials such as eating utensils.  A fully qualified representative will be on hand to ensure the wedding chocolate fountain is setup and running smoothly during the course of the event.

We’re happy to provide any additional or special requirements such as a themed display and a photographer to capture the people using the wedding chocolate fountain.

If your big day is on its way then get in touch to ensure availability for your wedding reception chocolate fountain hire.

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For Wedding events we can also provide a number of additional services such as bespoke invitations & cakes.