Restaurant Chocolate fountain Hire

Many venues such as restaurants and bars hold special events for birthdays, office parties, stag nights, hen dues and promotions and need something a little extra for the occasion.

Not only does it keep the end client happy it increases sales by providing an additional service. CocoaKings can provide you with a restaurant chocolate fountain hire service without interrupting or interfering with your normal operations.

We’ll be on hand to speak to you and even your end client if necessary to fulfil any requirements you desire from your restaurant chocolate fountain. Alongside our typical chocolate fountain hire service which involves the fountain, a beautiful stand, dips and chocolate we’ll provide a qualified representative to ensure the machine is setup and working well during the course of the event.

As well as this we’re happy to provide any additional or special requirements such as a themed display to match the décor of your event and a photographer to capture the due.

If you run a restaurant, bar or venue and need a restaurant or chocolate fountain for a special occasion then get in touch.